Who are we ?

An Honorary officer is a volunteer who offers their time and expertise to supplement and support the staff of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife. 


Our Vision:


As Honorary Officers we are committed to a conservation ideal based on maintaining the bio-diversity of our national parks and game reserves in sustainable populations in protected areas where the wildlife has priority and humans can enjoy visiting a fully-functional eco system.


Our Mission:


We use our expertise, time and commitment to support the Ezemvelo /KZN wildlife management and permanent staff of the Hluhluwe Game Reserve to achieve their stated goals and objectives by fostering cordial relationships and thereby, make a meaningful contribution to the wellbeing of the park.




1.       Maintain close contact with management and senior staff in the reserve;

2.       Through regular monthly work weekends as a close-knit group, to ensure the

            Park’s amenities and services are maintained and improved.

3.       Identify areas and projects where we can become involved, providing the impetus  

           for successful completion;

4.       Raise funds or sponsorships for projects identified as being beneficial to the park;

5.       To be recognised as contributors to the park and conservation through our efforts,

           by Park Management, Staff and Visitors.




We promote the ideals of Conservation Management through

Helping and Assisting







Yielding a Service​


The H O team:

Dee Honman

             Clive Honman ( Vice Chairman )

Pieter van Vollenhoven

Sharon van Vollenhoven

Bill Toughey (Chairman)

Brigid Toughey

Heinrich Coetzee

Liesl Coetzee

Christo Brett 

Saritha Brett

Leamor Brett 

Vian Brett 

Chantelle Slabbert (probation)

Hendrik Slabbert (probation)

Past Members:

Dawn van der Walt

Martin van der Walt 

Pieter Oosthuysen

Sue Oosthuysen 

Christian Kroll 

Tenille Kroll 

Peter Stott

Denise Stott

Mat Jackson  ​

Mike Nel

Lindi Nel

Martin Hopkins

Lara Hopkins

Sybrand van Niekerk​

Shane Mc Intyre​

Jess Mc Intyre​

Vick Partington​

Jenny Partington​

David Potgieter​

Amanda Potgieter​

Mia Oosthuysen​

Peter Du Bruyn

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What is an Honorary officer?

Ezemvelo Honorary Officers volunteer their time and expertise to supplement and support the staff of Ezemvelo  KZN Wildlife.  Donations